Active Release Technique

Benefits of ART treatment:

Used to address Cumulative Trauma Disorder, ART aids in restoring proper function in specific over-used soft tissue structures. Over-used soft tissues structures can be affected due to three important factors:

  • Acute Conditions such as pulls, tears, or collisions
  • The accumulation of small tears within the structure due to repetitive motions causing micro-trauma
  • Constant pressure or tension leading to hypoxia in which the structure does not receive enough oxygen to function optimally

These factors can lead to the production of dense scar tissue in the injured structure, which is our body’s internal protection from further injury. However, as this scar tissue builds up it prevents the structure from moving freely within its own range of motion, but also in relation to surrounding structures. This leads to muscles becoming short and weak, abnormal forces being applied to tendons and nerves becoming entrapped, all of which can reduce range of motion, decrease strength, and cause pain or nerve injury symptoms.

Each ART treatment session combines an examination of the structure affected and an applied treatment to those structures. The ART provider will evaluate the texture, position, and range of motion of the muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, or nerves affected. The affected structures are treated by combining specific patient movements, with precise tension applied by the provider. Every treatment protocol is unique to ART. More than 500 specific protocols were developed to allow providers to identify and correct the specific problems unique to each patient.

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Our ART Certified Chiropractors:

Dr Dave Dorion


Dr. Ashley Worobec


Dr. Kevin Brownell