Concussion Management

Understanding Concussion Management:

Burlington Sports and Spine Clinic is proud to be part of a network of certified physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and neuropsychologists who are committed to delivering the highest quality, evidence-based concussion care.

Sport-related concussions are the most common neurological injury that occurs in all levels of athletic participation. Many concussions actually go un-diagnosed and can be difficult to identify as they do not always display obvious signs and symptoms. Many athletes are unaware of the dangers of playing with a concussion. Inappropriate management of a concussion can lead to increased risk of subsequent, more severe and potentially permanent, or even fatal, brain injury.

Complete Concussion Management is a body of concussion research used to educate healthcare practitioners on evidence-based concussion therapies and management strategies, so we may provide high-quality concussion programs and cutting-edge rehabilitation to athletes and concussed patients across Canada.

Complete Concussion Management was designed to offer additional post-graduate training and continuing education on concussion pathophysiology, diagnosis, management and rehabilitation for both acute and chronic concussions.

Concussion Management Specialists

Dr Dave Dorion


Dr. Ashley Worobec


Dr. Kevin Brownell